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Hi! I am Vishram Bapat

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Hi! I am Vishram Bapat

Founder, Databyte Services

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A seasoned entrepreneur and mentor, leverages over 30 years of experience, founding successful IT ventures. His impactful initiatives span industry-academic collaboration, skill development, and visionary projects. Specializing in technology consultancy, digital transformation, and IoT, Vishram is a driving force for innovation. His commitment to mentoring startups reflects a rich legacy of fostering excellence in the ever-evolving landscape of entrepreneurship.


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27th May, 2024

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$ 25 / 30 Min
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About Me

With a career spanning over three decades in IT hardware manufacturing and application software, my journey has evolved towards a commitment to giving back. Engaged in collaborations with various engineering colleges, I play a crucial role as an industry representative on management committees. Here, my primary focus is mentoring students and entrepreneurs, aiding them in seamlessly transitioning into the professional world.

As a serial entrepreneur with founder over 5 businesses, my dedication extends to guiding students and aspiring entrepreneurs. Beyond the conventional pursuit of campus placements, I actively encourage and mentor students to explore the entrepreneurial path. My mission is to empower the next generation with practical industry insights and cultivate a strong entrepreneurial mindset among emerging leaders. It's about not just sharing knowledge but instilling the belief that they can shape their own destinies through entrepreneurship.


  • Founder Director of Databyte Equipment’s Pvt Ltd (IT Hardware Company)
  • Founder Director of Databyte Services and Systems (IT Software and Services)
  • Founder Director of Dataserve InfoTech Pvt Ltd: (IT,Logistics,SCM Product Company)
  • Former Technology Consultant to MSC Bank, IDBI Intech, for Core Banking
  • Founder Director of ‘Aim Global Solutions Ltd’ , an IT Software company
  • Global Head Technology: Council for Startup India
  • Founder Member Charity for Poor Cancer Patients
  • Director, Incubator for Women Entrepreneurs, SNDT WU


Idea Validation
Idea Validation

I excel in scrutinizing and validating business ideas, ensuring they align with market needs and possess the potential for success through rigorous evaluation and strategic insight.

Product Development
Product Development

With a focus on innovation and precision, I lead comprehensive product development, from ideation to launch, ensuring market alignment, quality, and user satisfaction.


Specializing in IoT solutions, I craft connected systems that enhance efficiency and functionality, leveraging cutting-edge technologies to drive seamless communication and automation in diverse applications.

Application Development
Application Development

Bringing creativity and technical expertise, I design and develop user-centric applications, seamlessly blending innovation and functionality to deliver impactful solutions across platforms and industries.

Work Experience


Jan, 1995 to Present

    • Established and led Databyte Services and Systems since 1995.
    • Pioneered innovative solutions and sustained operational success.
    • Demonstrated entrepreneurial expertise in IT software and services.
Databyte Services & Systems

Jan, 1998 to Present

    • Established Dataserve Infotech Pvt Ltd, a pioneering IT hardware manufacturing company.
    • Led the company in developing and manufacturing cutting-edge hardware solutions.
    • Sustained operational success and innovation in the IT hardware industry.
Dataserve Infotech Pvt Ltd
Board Director

Sept, 2022 to Present

    • Facilitating specialized incubation services for women-led startups, providing expertise in technical appraisals, ensuring alignment with strategic goals.
    • Steering the organization towards innovation and sustainable growth.
    • Playing a pivotal role in empowering and nurturing women entrepreneurs through strategic guidance and support.
WISE (Women Innovation Startup Enterprise)

July, 2023 to Present

    • Established and led mentorship initiatives for aspiring engineers and students.
    • Guided and supported students through academic and career challenges, fostering personal and professional development.
    • Provided guidance on business concepts, innovation, and startup ideation, fostering a culture of entrepreneurship in academic settings.
Indian Institute of Technology, Bombay

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