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Frequently Asked Question

For Mentor

We appreciate your interest in becoming a mentor on WiseAdvizor. Please visit our website and navigate to the “Be a Mentor” section. There, you will find a form to fill out with your details, including your expertise, background, and experience. Our team will review your application, and if it aligns with our criteria, we will reach out to you with further information.

As a mentor on WiseAdvizor, you have the opportunity to make a significant impact on the entrepreneurial journeys of aspiring founders. By sharing your expertise and guidance, you can help shape the success of startups. Additionally, being a mentor allows you to expand your network, gain exposure in the startup community, and contribute to the growth of the ecosystem.

The time commitment as a mentor on WiseAdvizor can vary based on your availability and the number of calls you accept. You have control over your schedule and can choose the number of calls you are comfortable taking on. We recommend setting clear expectations regarding call duration and frequency to ensure a mutually beneficial mentoring experience.

While we encourage mentors to focus on their primary areas of expertise, we understand that some mentors may possess knowledge in multiple domains. If you feel confident in providing guidance in additional areas, you can include them in your mentor profile. However, we recommend prioritizing your core expertise to offer the most valuable and targeted mentorship.


Yes, mentors on WiseAdvizor have the opportunity to earn compensation for their services. You can set your own rate for mentoring calls, which will be visible to users when they request a call with you. The compensation you receive reflects your expertise and the value you provide to entrepreneurs seeking your guidance.

While we respect your desire to gather information about users before the call, we prioritize user privacy. But at the time of call request, you will receive description and topic on which user is seeking guidance. Additionally, user may also provide a document if user wants to share any other information.

Yes, as a mentor, you have the flexibility to review and approve call requests based on your availability and expertise. If you are unavailable or feel that your expertise may not align with the user’s needs, you can decline the call request. It is important to provide a timely response and communicate any limitations or alternative suggestions to ensure a positive experience for the user. Please note that once you have accepted the call and after that there is a change in your schedule then you have to email us on Also, you cannot reject the call after 24hrs are left for the call.

Yes, after the call, users will have the opportunity to provide feedback and a rating based on their experience with you as their mentor. Their feedback helps us maintain the quality of our mentor pool and provides valuable insights for continuous improvement. Your profile will showcase your overall rating based on user feedback.

At the moment, WiseAdvizor only allows users to request calls with mentors. As a mentor, you cannot directly request a call with a user who has expressed interest in connecting with you. However, you can review the call request and approve it if it aligns with your availability and expertise.

If you have any questions or require assistance as a mentor on WiseAdvizor, please feel free to reach out to our support team. We are here to support you and address any concerns you may have. Contact information can typically be found on our website or platform.

For Mentee

WiseAdvizor is a platform that connects entrepreneurs and individuals seeking guidance with experienced startup mentors. Our platform enables users to schedule direct calls with mentors based on their areas of expertise, providing personalized guidance and support for their entrepreneurial journey.

WiseAdvizor works by allowing users to browse through our curated list of startup mentors. Users can view mentor profiles, which include their background, experience, and areas of expertise. Once users find a mentor that aligns with their needs, they can request a call and propose a suitable date and time. If the mentor approves the call request, the user will receive an invitation with the details of the scheduled call. You can read complete flow here.

To schedule a call with a mentor on WiseAdvizor, simply browse through our list of mentors and select the one who best matches your needs. Click on their profile to view more details, and then click the “Request a Call” button. Select your preferred date and time for the call, provide a description so that mentor can also prepare for the call, pay the price per call of the mentor, and submit your request. The mentor will review and approve the request if available.

The cost of scheduling a call with a mentor on WiseAdvizor varies depending on the mentor and their expertise. Each mentor sets their own rate, which is displayed on their profile. Users can view the mentor’s rate before requesting a call and can choose a mentor that aligns with their budget.

If you need to reschedule or cancel a scheduled call, please notify us as soon as possible. You can also login and go to your Requested/Upcoming sessions and click on Modify Session. Select the new date and time. We understand that circumstances may change, and we will do our best to accommodate your request. However, please note that rescheduling a call is subject to the availability of the mentor. Please note that you can only update session before 24hours left for the call.

Yes, you can request multiple calls with the same mentor if you require further guidance and support. After completing a call with a mentor, you can again go to the mentor profile page and schedule the call.

We value your feedback and encourage you to share your experience with us. After your call with a mentor, we will send you a feedback form to gather your thoughts and suggestions. Additionally, you can always reach out to our support team with any feedback or concerns you may have.

Yes, mentors on WiseAdvizor have the option to offer ongoing mentorship or support beyond the initial call. Some mentors may provide additional services, such as longer-term mentorship programs or consulting packages. These details will be specified on the mentor’s profile.

We take the privacy and security of our users’ information seriously. Your personal information and communication with mentors are kept confidential and are only shared with the mentor you choose to schedule a call with. We have implemented security measures to protect your data and ensure a safe platform for mentorship connections.

No, Only the user who has scheduled the call can attend. Inviting any other person will terminate or cancel the call on immediate basis. No refund will be processed.

Nothing to worry, if a mentor rejects your call or is not able to attend, we will suggest you some more mentors available. You can schedule a call with them, or any other mentor listed on the platform. In case you feel to not schedule a call with any of them, just let us know on and we will refund your money.

Before a call starts, please go through our guidelines here.

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