startup mentorship platform
startup mentorship platform
startup mentorship platform
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How it works?

We’ve created a platform that simplifies the mentorship process. Learn how it works and start your journey to success with wiseAdvizor.

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    Get started by creating your account on wiseAdvizor. It's quick, easy, and free! Simply provide your basic information and set up your profile to tailor your mentoring experience to your needs.

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    Explore our diverse community of experienced mentors who are ready to share their wisdom and insights with you.

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    Mentor Profile

    Check the mentor’s expertise, experience, reviews from previous sessions and availability.

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    Select the timeslot best suited, write a small description and make the payment using our secure payment gateway.

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    Join the session on selected date and time via link received in the email or through your dashboard.

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    Once the session is completed, provide the feedback the experience.

Ready to Ignite Your Startup?

Experience the power of 1-on-1 mentorship on wiseAdvizor. Gain clarity, overcome obstacles, and fast-track your startup’s growth with personalized guidance from industry experts.

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Expert Guidance

Connect with seasoned entrepreneurs and industry experts who offer invaluable guidance based on their real-world experience. Gain insights into market trends, industry best practices, and actionable strategies to navigate challenges and accelerate your startup's growth.

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Personalized Support

Receive personalized support tailored to your startup's specific needs and goals. Whether you're seeking advice on product development, marketing strategies, fundraising, or scaling your business, your mentor provides tailored recommendations and actionable insights to address your unique challenges.



Expand your professional network by connecting with mentors who have extensive industry connections and networks. Leverage these connections to explore partnership opportunities, seek introductions to potential investors or collaborators, and access valuable resources to support your startup's growth.

Getting a mentor is your shortcut is success!

Skip the trial and error approach! Browse our mentors and overcome obstacles with personalized guidance.