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Hi! I am Ivy Lee

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Hi! I am Ivy Lee

Founder, Ivy Lee Co

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Experienced marketing executive with over 25 years of success building global technology brands. Based in Silicon Valley North, exceptional at translating technical functionality into benefit-driven, customer-focused messaging and programs to achieve awareness and revenue goals.



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About Me

Ivy is an experienced marketing executive with over 25 years of success building strong technology brands in the SaaS, telco, edtech, and fintech spaces.

With roles at Microsoft, BlackBerry, and Desire2Learn during their peak growth, Ivy’s experience marketing technology brands is unmatched. Ivy has been instrumental in leading marketing organizations in generating predictable demand that converts to revenue - scaling organizations for hyper growth from start-up to household name.

A valued leader at the executive table, Ivy bridges across organizations to align and drive high-performing teams towards shared business goals. She has a passion for coaching and supporting diversity and women in technology initiatives. Her passion projects include serving as a board member of the Central Ontario Chinese Cultural Centre and mentoring for various tech and non-profit organizations, including Social Venture Partners Waterloo Region.


Marketing Strategy
Marketing Strategy

With over 25 years of experience, I consistently work to bridge the gap between product management and crafting effective marketing strategies. Whether it's developing new business models or introducing innovative products, I specialize in defining target markets, conducting market mapping, and creating compelling value propositions that resonate with the audience.

Product Market
Product Market

I specialize in navigating the intricate landscape of achieving Product-Market Fit. My expertise lies in identifying the perfect alignment between products and market needs, ensuring a seamless fit that drives success and customer satisfaction.

Idea Validation
Idea Validation

I excel in the crucial realm of Idea Validation. My expertise lies in meticulously assessing and validating novel concepts, ensuring they align with market demands and have the potential to thrive. I bring a proven track record of transforming ideas into successful ventures through strategic validation processes.

Brand Strategy
Brand Strategy

With a wealth of experience, my expertise lies in Brand Building, where I excel in creating a unique brand identity that forges a powerful connection with your audience. This strategic approach not only cultivates brand loyalty but also sparks advocacy, ensuring enduring success in a competitive market.

Work Experience


Apr, 2023 to Present

    • Driving awareness and revenue for start-ups and mid-size companies with a coaching approach. Growing their business, and growing their teams.
    • Developing strategic marketing plans to drive the clients’ growth, including go-to-market frameworks, strategies, and KPIs.
    • Creating a differentiated position for clients utilizing market research, competitive analysis, ICP definition, product positioning, and go-to-market strategy
Ivy Lee Co
Chief Marketing Officer

Apr, 2022 to Jan 2023

    • Defined new platform positioning and messaging to elevate story from commodity, marketplace sale to an enterprise SaaS, customer focused solution.
    • Delivered campaigns to drive new revenue growth by increasing MQLs to demos booked conversion from 11% to 39%, and % opportunities from Marketing from 6% to 20%.
    • Built SEO authority with new site experience, increasing website time on page from 1 to 5 mins.
Vice President Marketing

Sept, 2020 to Feb 2022

    • Established a predictable demand generation engine with targeted campaigns increasing pre-pipe by 3.5x and % of opps from Marketing by 2.5x.
    • Drove awareness of brand and key positioning through integrated communications and public relations resulting in 2x more coverage and multiple award wins.
    • Introduced processes to streamline efforts, increase productivity and enable scale.
Senior Vice President

Nov, 1999 to Sept 2020

    • Lead the Marketing team of 40 professionals to plan, deliver, and execute strategies and programs to meet and exceed company objectives and performance targets.
    • Pivoted a heavily focused F2F marketing mix to virtual on-demand strategy, saving 40% in program spend while 10x’ing reach and ROI.
    • Created full funnel metrics to identify high and low performing campaigns for program effectiveness and optimization, doubling ROI.

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