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Hi! I am Svetlana Zuravela

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Hi! I am Svetlana Zuravela

Founder, PMProfs LTD

5 Reviews / 9 Sessions

I'm a visionary professional turning the impossible into reality. Certified ICU Coach with an MBA and PMP, I blend IT, Banking, and Transformation Leadership expertise. I've led at global firms like Printify, collaborated with Luminor Bank, and served the (European Union Intellectual Property Office) EUIPO. Passionate about achieving the extraordinary, I bring positivity to every engagement.


English, Latvian, Russian

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$ 150 / 30 Min
$ 150 / 30 Min
professional mentor

5 Reviews / 9 Sessions

About Me

I've explored diverse fields—Software, E-commerce, Banking, Fintech, and Intellectual Property. Leading teams to ace transformative projects and optimizing processes has been my forte, consistently delivering outstanding outcomes. My strategic mindset, coupled with a solid track record in Change Management, empowers me to devise and execute effective solutions, even in challenging scenarios.

I wear the hat of a Professional ICU Certified Coach, guiding teams and individuals towards success, unlocking their true potential. I take pride in structuring businesses, productizing services, and creating winning marketing strategies that resonate with the market.

Beyond the professional realm, I advocate for diversity and inclusion in tech. As a speaker at international conferences and a mentor for aspiring female tech professionals, I'm committed to breaking down barriers. Volunteering is my passion, uplifting youth by helping them discover their purpose. In my downtime, you'll find me immersed in academic events, perpetually learning and broadening my horizons. I strongly believe in the transformative power of knowledge for growth and innovation, always eager to explore new ideas and possibilities.


  • Speaker of Women in Tech international Conference, RigaTechGirls, academic events
  • Mentor of RigaTechGirls: helping women to move to IT.
  • Volunteer at Young folks: helping young people to find their mission


Business Strategy
Business Strategy

How to establish a clear philosophy and mission for long-term success. Learn to align strategies across your organization, set measurable goals, and foster a culture of accountability. Discover how to identify growth opportunities and evaluate them strategically, ensuring your business makes a meaningful impact and achieves sustainable success with my expert guidance


I excel in measuring and optimizing strategic, tactical, and operational goals for heightened company efficiency. Employing strategic frameworks, I set and achieve measurable targets, facilitating informed decision-making and performance enhancement. My expertise ensures organizational focus on mission and overarching objectives through the implementation of precise and measurable targets.

Product Management
Product Management

I leverage advanced business and coaching tools, drawing from experience in directing high-priority programs across Baltic Banks and strategic initiatives in Printify startup. Let me help you package your product, creating a clear value proposition for customers and streamlining delivery for optimal efficiency.

Idea Validation
Idea Validation

My expertise lies in strategic idea validation. Investing time upfront is crucial. I excel in how to conduct market research, identifying needs, analyzing competitors, and seeking customer feedback to ensure your idea addresses pain points. Let's talk about refining and maximizing the potential of your concept.

Identifying Target Audience
Identifying Target Audience

I specialize in defining target audiences where I can guide you through market research, shaping detailed buyer personas from demographics and behaviors. Learn to uncover customer challenges through surveys and feedback. I'll help you strategically choose marketing channels, leveraging digital strategies like SEO, content, social media, and email campaigns for effective engagement.

Work Experience

Founder / Business & Executive Coach

Feb 2012 to Present

    • Executed diverse coaching roles encompassing Executive, Business, and Personal Coaching.
    • Led strategic initiatives in Strategy Development and Consulting on PMO/Program Setup.
    • Specialized in Training & Development, offering Leadership and Business Training.
General manager Strategic initiative

Oct, 2021 to Dec, 2022

    • Full setup of the strategic initiative, strategy development.
    • Solution design, requirements, development.
    • Implementation of Marketing, sales, logistics, P&L, Pricing strategy, team management and Operations.
Program Director Payments, AML

Dec, 2018 to Oct, 2020

    • Management of Payments, AML and Liquidity management program covering 3 Baltic countries, merging 6 banks.
    • Building a team, system, processes from almost form scratch till full implementation and maintenance.
    • Implementation of the new Payment Hub, AML and Group Account Management system for 3 countries.
Luminor Bank

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